Tanning Lotions And Women

Tanning Lotions And Women – Information And Facts

Women love to look gorgeous. It natural! You can say simply – it’s in their genes to look perfect. Women spend dollars on just their looks. A woman wants to look unique, great and attractive. It’s a fact of no surprising that 68% of tanning industry is just based on women! Why?  This is because of this fact that huge population of women and girls are buyer of tanning products. Tanning products give a girl more charming and attractive skin – one of most prevailing wishes of every girl.

Most women in western world say that they look more attractive with reddish- brown tan. These women are happy with the tanning products – mainly best indoor tanning lotion. Though tanning products are not FDA proved but girls and women use these products and feel good. Tanning products, especially the tanning lotions, increase the amount of melanin inside your body and give you a tan complexion. This article is developed for those girls and women especially, who use tanning products. This article will serve you with many amazing facts and information.

How a woman can get fast tanning effect?

How a woman can get fast tanning effect

  1. You must have to drink a large amount of water to keep your body hydrated. You must have well nourished and hydrated skin before applying any tanning product- especially the lotions.
  2. Apply the tanning lotion before the tanning session. After the tanning session, use after-tan lotion to moisturize your body again
  3. If you want to have a tanning session, always use indoor tanning lotion. Indoor tanning lotion gives you tanning effect in a shorter time period. It actually increases melanin inside your body and expose your skin in greater amount to UV rays.
  4. Never try to burn your skin in sunlight. You just have to apply indoor tanning lotion frequently.
  5. You can use bronzer cosmetics to get attractive base before having some make- up.


Some tanning products – you must know about

type of tanning

Following are the tanning products which are easily available in markets

Tanning sprays

These are the chemicals which are applied on the body in the form of spray. They give your – an instant tan – complexion. These sprays are not much supported by dermatologists.

Tanning lotions

The most confused and misguided term among tanning products. There are two types of tanning lotions – the indoor lotion and outdoor lotion

Indoor tanning lotions contain a very little or no SPF. These lotions are UV- friendly in nature. While outdoor tanning lotions contain SPF

Tanning pills

Tanning pills are not good for your health. These pills not only tan your skin but also give color to your vital organs. These pills are one of the main causes of the hepatitis and liver cancer.

Tanning oils

Same like tanning lotions. Having same effects and applications like of tanning lotions. They may be available in different viscosities.

Some other products of interests are:

  1. Tanning accelerators
  2. Tanning maximizes
  3. Warming and cooling lotions
  4. The bronzers
  5. After tan- lotions

This was all from this informative piece of reading. Always try to buy standard products and enjoy healthy skin!

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